Volunteer Opportunities with Kaposia

Companion Animal Visitor

Enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities by bringing your gentle pet for a visit. This is an opportunity that doesn’t require a great deal of time, but has a big impact! Studies document that holding and caressing an animal provides benefits such as relaxation, lower blood pressure, improved long- and short-term memory, and sensory stimuli. Companion Animals also benefit from the affection they receive, and their owners benefit from truly touching the lives of the people they visit.


The Mentor will interact with and assist individuals with disabilities who are currently employed or seeking employment. A Mentor gives advice, encouragement and feedback regarding job hunting, acclimation to a new job, and long term success.

Recreational Assistant

Enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities by sharing your hobby or talent. This is an opportunity that doesn’t require a great deal of time, but has a huge impact! Be it music, sewing, magic or dancing, recreational activities help people improve basic motor functioning and reasoning abilities, build confidence and socialize more effectively. An excellent “service learning” opportunity for students of art, music, or recreational therapy!

Letter Writing Helper

Many folks with disabilities have difficulty reading and responding to letters from loved-ones. A Letter Writing Helper enables individuals with disabilities to stay in touch with family, friends and pen pals by reading letters and cards with them and by helping them to put their own words down in written form.


The Sidekick will interact with and assist persons with disabilities. A Sidekick’s presence enhances the experience of an activity for persons with a disability, and increases the number of individuals who can participate. A Sidekick is assigned to spend time with one to three person(s) and assist as necessary with things like: Reading, talking, or listening – Playing cards or board games – Doing arts, crafts and other activities – Attending other volunteer opportunities or recreational events in the community.

Lunch Buddy

Make your lunch break a rewarding experience for yourself and for a person with a disability by being a Lunch Buddy! Lunch Buddies, in addition to helping with simple tasks like passing the salt and pepper, enrich the lives of people with disabilities by engaging in stimulating conversation; whether it’s weather, hobbies or sports. In addition, while physical nourishment is important, when people share a meal together we share much more. We share our time. We slow down, if for just a minute, and show that we have time to take an interest in others, to care for them, and open our hearts.


(Event Volunteer)


For general information about Kaposia’s volunteer program contact:

Josh Reuter