Two Primary Services


Dual Approach to Employment

Our niche is helping individuals find jobs that fit their skills, interests, and passions; which positions an employer to increase the value of their company. All of this is accomplished by following through with individualized planning, discovering the right job in the community, providing the right training and support for both the individual and the employer.

Our commitments…
  • Serving one person at a time-no new group work, no typical days.
  • We focus on strengths, not deficiencies, and do not pay sub-minimum wages.
  • We expect to see progress/change. We won’t give up.
  • Our only requirement is the desire to work.
Mental Wellness

Kaposia provides non-medical trauma informed care, technical assistance, evidence based training, education and consultation. We firmly believe we have a way to help people with mental illness achieve prosperity in a way no one ever believed possible.

Our commitments…
  • Self determination, personal responsibility and self-advocacy.
  • There are “no limits” to recovery.
  • Each person is an expert on her or himself.
  • There is hope that people can stay well, and do the things they want with their lives.


Community Involvement

We serve senior citizens with disabilities who have chosen to remain active in the community by identifying each person’s interests, preferences, and desires; developing a plan and community connections with other senior recreation programs, agencies, and services; providing one-to-one social skills training; and coordinating transportation specific to the needs of each retiree.

Our commitments…
  • Participation in community life.
  • Teamwork in individualized retirement planning.
  • Life-long learning and skill development.
  • Optimal health, communication and mobility.